Frequently Asked Questions

What is The K-Piano Afterschool Club (K-PAC)? Fun, interactive, high-quality group piano lessons with real instructors & real instruments. The lessons are offered 1-2 days per week in a blended on-campus/virtual environment.  Students learn the basics of reading music and will perform throughout the academic year, both individually and collectively, as the school’s K-Band & Drumline. Through partnerships with leading school districts the program has introduced piano to over 23,000 students, raised and donated over $175,000 cash and in-kind to the local schools.


What does it cost the school to launch a K-PAC Program?  There is no cost to the school for launching the K-Piano Afterschool Club.  The schools provide the space, identify a school employee/staff to serve as program point person, and K-Piano administrates the program with the assistance of the point person.


What is the minimum number of students required for a K-PAC Program? We have a target participation number of 20-25 students per school.  Schools that have interest which exceeds the 20-25 students, are considered “mega-clubs” and typically offer K-PAC on multiple days.  The program can be offered with less than the target participation numbers, however, certain partnership incentives, such as the musical keyboard lab may be revisited. 


What is the process of launching a K-PAC Program? 1) Establish the KPMLF Partnership, 2) Identify Point Person at School, 3) Determine Program Launch Date, 4) Promote Program to Students & Parents (This may include K-Mobile Steam Lab on-campus field trip), 5) Launch Kick-off Session with K-Piano National Instructor, 6) On-going Program Administration handled by KPMLF & Point Person.


What are the qualifications and role of the “Point Person” for the K-PAC Program? To ensure the program is integrated into the culture of the school we require that a “Point Person” be identified at each partner school.  The KPMLF will provide training and a monthly “Thank You Stipend” to the Point Person for their role in administrating the program on-site.  Typically, the point person for the club is a teacher, para-pro, substitute, parent liason, or staff member who values the role of music as an educational tool.  This person does not have to have a musical background, but should be familiar with the school’s protocols for afterschool clubs and attendance/dismissal policies. The Point Person is responsible for taking attendance, ensuring students are set-up and logged in on time, ensuring students are engaged during the K-PAC Session, and that students are safely dismissed at the conclusion of the session. 


What grades can participate in K-PAC? Program participation is open for 2nd – 6th grade students interested in learning piano.  Kindergarten – 1st grade students must complete an individual audition to be accepted into the K-PAC program as maturity and learning tenacity may vary between students in this age range. 


What is the cost of tuition for parents?  Tuition is less than 1/3 the cost of traditional piano lessons. Parents may pay for the semester, or academic year upfront, or set up monthly tuition payments of just $55 per month + a one time Registration fee of $65. 


What does the tuition & registration cover? Tuition Includes: 1-2 Live K-Pac Sessions per week, Text Book (PDF), Username & Log-In for Online Home Practice, Performance Recitals, Awards, and more.  


What are the ways in which KPMLF can partner with your school?  We recognize that each school’s learning community is unique, so we work with our partner schools to develop the program.  Here are a few of our partnerships:


  •      K-Mobile STEAM Lab: We have converted a 77 passenger bus into a mobile STEAM lab which we bring to schools as an on-campus fieldtrip.  This fieldtrip is offered to all students providing them the experience & joy of playing an instrument and the connections between music, math, and reading.  The K-Mobile STEAM Lab can also be used to schedule learning experiences for at-risk students identified by the school’s leadership team. 

·  K-Band & Drumline Performances: To drive parent participation at key events schools can include a performance from the K-Band & Drumline.  We will work with the Point Person to ensure that the K-Band & Drumline is available to perform in excellence at select school meetings.  Meetings and dates to be determined at the onset of partnership agreement. 

·       Targeted Music Mentorship: KPMLF will procure enrichment events to reach and mentor at risk youth using drumline, music production, and music lessons.  This experiential programming connects youth with positive male figures in a project based learning curriculum.  These events are usually scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday and hosted at school.  At risk students are identified by the school for participation in this program at no cost to the parents. 

·       Scholarship Vouchers: In order to fulfill our mission to increase student access to music lessons regardless of socio-economic factors each partner school is given a set number of scholarship vouchers.  Criteria for a student to receive and maintain a scholarship: 1) Must be an active enrolled student at the partner school, 2) Must have a keyboard at home to practice, 3) Must be an engaged, positive, and productive member of the K-PAC Program. 


 Mobile STEAM Lab experience exposes children to the journey of learning an instrument, 

while highlighting the connections between music, math, and reading.

Mobile Bus