Our Mission, Values & Vision

Our Mission, Values & Vision

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To increase student access to the life-changing benefits of music education through piano lessons, regardless of socioeconomic factors. To honor the mission of K-piano Music Academy, we abide by 5 guiding principles:

    • We emphasize all of the lifelong benefits of participating in music.
    • We inspire tenacity, accountability, and excellence through music education.
    • We believe that inclusiveness and diversity are key components to an enriching learning environment.
    • We nurture creativity and innovation in all aspects of life.
    • We support our communities through our outreach program and initiatives.

Vision and Values

The K-Piano Music Academy strives to cultivate generations of leaders, innovators, creators, and achievers prepared to change the world using the unique and abounding skills they have acquired through music education.

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