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Benefits of Piano Lessons

Music is a language because it can be written, read, and expressed aloud.  Athletes go to the gym to strengthen the muscles they use on the playing field, just as a student in the K-Piano Afterschool Club strengthens their reading and math muscles. Countless research has proven stronger brain muscles result in increased academic performance, specifically in Math & Reading.  

There’s a reason why countries with the best educational systems require students to learn an instrument before the age of 10.  Research shows students who receive piano lessons have increased memory, concentration, discipline, learning tenacity, spatial temporal reasoning, and test higher in math and reading. We used to think all the smart kids were in band, but now we know it was the band making those kids smarter.  

Why is now the right time?

Remote learning, due to COVID, has resulted in students falling behind in math and reading.  The learning gap for at-risk school districts has drastically increased. The upcoming semesters must address the critical need for the remediation of students simultaneously.  Researchers are warning educators to strongly consider the social and emotional stress students face as they re-engage back into the critical journey of learning.  Schools are preparing for increased discipline issues, lack of parent engagement, student apathy, and an overall stressful culture for both the students and the teachers who must focus on re-engagement and remediation.  Offering programs that contribute to the academic, cultural, social, and artistic learning community are key for fostering student achievement and developing a sense of normalcy in the post-COVID academic recovery period. 

Why K-Piano Afterschool Club?

The K-Piano Afterschool Club is a program which can be easily launched on the campus of our partner schools.  Through our partnerships with the local schools we’ve introduced piano to over 23,000 students.  Students love K-PAC,  administrators love our passion for partnership, and parents love having piano lessons offered conveniently on campus at less than 1/3 the cost of private lessons.  The K-Piano Learning System brings fun interactive, game-based, group piano learning to students after school with a curriculum that builds upon the linguistic and mathematical connections providing students the learning advantage through music.  We teach music to see students succeed academically.